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The Power of “I AM”

The two little words “I AM”, are actually ‘Cosmic Initiators of Manifestation’ which many of us use without knowledge of their immediate and powerful effect. For instance, when I’m resting in the moment and say “I am thirty”, I notice an immediate surge of youthful energy as every atom and molecule in my body responds to the thought. And it’s not just in my mind, it is a noticeable physiological ‘boost’. Conversely, were I to say “Boy! Am I tired!” The same Cosmic principle applies. Beyond Neuro Linguistic Programming, a deeper world exists. I do hope this is helpful. xxxx :))

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How to manifest our reality through belief

Like a circus juggler, we work hard to keep our dreams in the air. And it is possible, when we understand and accept that our beliefs create our reality. If we just spend ten minutes a day, totally focused on our primary beliefs, the desired outcome will manifest. It may be a project we believe in. In my case, it is my book “The Cranky Guru – Adventures in Metaphysics”, which has taken five years to write and is now in the last stages of editing.

For just ten minutes a day for one week, let’s sit quietly together and reinforce our belief. We’ll see our goal manifested and complete in our mind. In my case I visualise every aspect of my book in vivid detail and I see huge success, with millions of people benefiting world wide from the stories through which my philosophies are presented.

I see myself speaking in public, on TED and on the speakers circuit at conventions and seminars. And certainly, I see financial reward for my effort too, although my book will be inexpensive, since I want to give everyone the opportunity to read it.

Now, coupled with this vivid belief, must come a second vitally important belief and that is that everything we have visualised ‘has already happened’. We can see it, feel it, hold it and savour it! There will be those of course, who will dismiss this second belief as abject denial and even gross egocentricity! But surely we are free to dream what we like? So, be outrageous and bold then in your belief and let no one bring you down! Certainly, knockers and ‘naysayers’ lurk around every bend in the road, but we are resolute and strong and our long cherished dream will become our reality.

Please try this and let me know what happens. Profound success may be immediate, but please continue for just ten minutes a day for the entire week regardless. Every success. CG




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Self belief: Chicken or the Egg?

Today, I wanted to discuss self belief and the so called ‘building’ of it. Does success (in whatever field of endeavour we choose) build self belief, or does belief in self create success? I believe it is the latter. Stuck as we are in the earthly ‘space/time continuum, we have been enslaved by two little words for eons. They are ‘if’ and ‘when’. As innocuous as they may sound, they represent the greatest barrier to our ultimate success.

They put us on hold, forever waiting for good things to happen to us, relegating us to the role of beggar, ever seeking providential handouts, instead of accepting the ‘mantel of mastery’ which is ours by right. Big words I know, but that’s how it really is.

As Florence Scovel Shinn said so many years ago, “Divine time is never late” and it is time now to take control of our destiny. Just know that since time does not exist, whatever it is we seek has already manifested! Let’s engage our passion and our imagination and ‘see’ our dreams into reality. All is possible! We’ll channel Thomas Edison for inspiration. He was granted a total of 1,093 US patents and he became a full time inventor at the age of 16!

Thomas invented the ‘electric lamp’ and a thousand other useful things. Did he believe possible what others said was impossible? Of course he did! He had self belief. Come on. Switch on the light of passion and imagination and replace ‘if’ and ‘when’ with ‘now’. It’s all the ‘time’ we need.


2014-03-31 17.57.37  2014-03-31 17.47.22  2014-03-31 18.19.57

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The clock is NOT ticking

Everywhere I turn, I see people living life by the clock! Trapped in the spokes of a linear time wheel and manifesting reality based on their perception of where they are on the flimsy twig of mortality. Why do we regiment ourselves like this? All we really need to know is that linear time is a figment of our imagination and “divine time is never late”  (Florence Skovel-Shinn).

If we can finally accept that time doesn’t exist, then we are liberated to do whatever we like, when we like! Grandma Moses, (Anna Mary Robertson Moses, born in 1860) began painting at the age of 75 (1915), while Mozart composed his symphony No.1 in E flat major, at the age of 8!

th    Unknown-2

All I’m saying is let’s not be influenced by what others perceive as the right time to do things and there’s certainly no need to ‘not start’ or ‘slow down’ because of some silly time/age related reason.

And while I’m at it, let’s remove the words “if” and “when” from our vocabularies completely. They’re just holding us back. All we have is NOW. So, let’s do it NOW and not let anyone or anything stop us!


Here, you can use my clock!

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Happiness is what you make it.

Recently my other (better) half Tutti has been doing a self improvement course at the Landmark Forum. Now, I have to tell you up front that if there is anyone in this world who is in less need of self improvement, it’s Tutti, because she is a one hundred percent ‘helper’ and not a ‘helpee’. Ask anyone!

Anyhow, she was asked by her instructor to write a list of all the ways in which her life could be better than it is now and guess what? Tutti couldn’t think of one thing! She said “You know, everything in my life is just fine the way it is.” No mention of more money, bigger house, car, boat, holiday home etc. etc.

When Tutti laughingly told me this, my heart soared! No wonder I love her so much! And she doesn’t need to read any of my posts, or even be my facebook friend, (she’s not!) to totally get that happiness is what you make it!

So, here’s what I’d love us all to do. Let’s focus on our partners today and regardless of their idiosyncrasies, foibles and irritating little ways, let’s LOVE THEM! See them as the most important people in our lives. Focus on them NOW, with all our intense desire, unconditional love, imagination and intent.

We can be happy with what we have. Rejoice in that! xxxx

Paul & Tutti.tif

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Let’s believe in ourselves first!

When we watch ads on TV promoting treatments for every kind of ailment and ‘dis-ease’ from listlessness to cancer, why is no mention ever made of the bodies natural healing properties? Perhaps, instead of every ad finishing with “if symptoms persist, see your health care professional”, it should say, “if symptoms persist, try visualising yourself better, focus on being well and let your miraculous body fix it”. Wouldn’t that be a more positive approach? I don’t really understand why so little attention is given to our natural efficacy, but I do know if we choose to give over our personal healing power completely to others, we reduce our chances of recovery. Of course doctors and modern medicine are important, but combining those treatments with an understanding of our authentic healing abilities will improve the odds a hundred fold!

And can you imagine the empowering good, governments could do if they spent just a little of our squandered taxes on community service announcements that said “trust yourself! Think for yourself and always take the positive view.” That’s worth spending a buck or two on don’t you think?!! What we think, we create.



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Let’s encourage everyone we can

This is a true story. When I was about eleven, I expressed a great desire to play the violin and my parents sent me to ‘ol’ George’, concert master with the Queensland Symphony at the time for lessons. George was taciturn and glum and sat through my lessons with legs crossed and a cigarette dangling from his down-turned mouth. Occasionally, he would wave a perfunctory finger in my direction to correct some fault or other, but showed no real enthusiasm whatsoever for my efforts. It was a depressing time which continued for the first five years of my training. George had apparently decided I had no real ability and told me to just concentrate on ‘little pieces’ for my own amusement. This advice sounded the death knell of our relationship.

Dispirited, I finally left George and went to the Conservatorium of Music in Brisbane where my tutor was Ladislav Jasek. On my very first lesson Ladislav said to me “Paul, vee vill start vis Mozart’s Violin Concerto!” What? Really? The joy! The excitement! From that moment on, I never looked back and spent many enjoyable years playing in orchestras, Musica Viva, Bach Society and others. AND, I topped the state in my sixth grade exams! Here’s the point. Sometimes, we just need a kick start from someone who has belief in our ability to achieve our true potential. This in turn encourages us to believe in ourselves. I believe we have a duty to help everyone as much as possible. To light the spark that everyone possesses to achieve their potential. As the saying goes, “If we want something for ourselves, give it to someone else.”


Latislav Jasek….                                                         …. and me in 1973


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